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"Know and Speak Your Truth by Writing Your Story"

The 3-months program to become free to live your full impact 

for Coaches, Speaker, Leaders and Changemakers



You get closer to your essence and to who you truly are.

You connect to your purpose in life and work.

You inspire others and impact your life.

You can fuel up your business, work and leadership abilities – because what you do and speak comes from within.

You can publish your story to the world.

Last and most importantly, writing your story in this guided program is accelerating inner growth.

It will help to reveal and transform inner, quite often heavy, topics into freedom, confidence and awareness. You will let your beautiful light shine on your life and your business.

You have been thinking about writing your personal story and getting it out into the world, but , for some reason, it did not happen yet? You are longing to find your purpose, deeper power or impact in life – and still cannot grab it, or feel the crucial few centimeters off tracks?

  • I understand fully. This was my case for many years. And I see it in so many of my clients, from, speakers, coaches, leaders up to cancer survivors.

    It’s one thing to know you have this inspiring story inside, it’s another thing to get it out there.

    The process and what it triggers is complex. It touches all unconscious triggers. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time. On one hand, loads of aspects keep you away from it – and a blessing, if you really deep-dive through the process with the right support on all levels. From emotional states to transforming old ‘hooks’ to the practical part of how to actually write a compelling story, how to find your message inside and if and how you want to publish it.

    The ‘Know And Speak Your Truth By Writing Your Story’ program helps you

    1. to find who you truly are and how your story is connected to your purpose in life and work.

    2. to find your story and message, and to integrate it into your work or business. 

    One of the most challenging, accelerating, powerful and joyful processes that I have experienced.

    It’s like a fast track through a certain part of your inner growth, that will help you transform heavy topics into regained freedom, confidence and awareness - and that shines her beautiful light on your life and your business. 

    Heal from the root, so you are free to live your full impact.

    Resulting in a life and business with ease, joy and impact. 

  • It's actually a good thing when triggers are (re)activated inside yourself

    They are your entrance point to freedom

    About the Program

    A 3-months guided journey to find your voice, own your story, translate it into an inspiring message, with the option to have your personal story being published in an international book, with a 90% certainty to get a bestseller status on Amazon. And if applicable, to have it integrated into your business, so you connect on a deep level and naturally and authentically attract your soul aligned clients (to be).

    Live, Own & Impact Your Life

    On the path we will together move through 3 phases receiving answers to the following questions:

  • Live your life: How can I heal what is holding me back (unconsciously or consciously) so I can be fully free and alive?

  • Own Your Life: How can I find and follow my own unique path in life and fully own and embrace myself and my purpose?

  • Impact Your Life: How can I create change in the world, with my unique being, story and message?

  • It will help to reveal and transform inner, quite often heavy, topics into freedom, confidence and awareness. You will let your beautiful light shine on your life and your business.

  • Our Process

    During the process we will focus on the following 4 steps. Depending on where you are in the process, what you desire, and what I sense you need the most, we might spend more time in a specific area. But we will all touch them lightly at least.

  • 1. Knowing and finding your story, the red thread in your life, alchemise your experience into your purpose

  • 2. Writing your story, structure and content

  • 3. Decision to publishing (or not), and visibility & promoting

  • 4. Integrating the message of your story into your business and give the reader a next step in their process

  • Lees door voor een extra aanbod voor Nederlandse deelnemers.

  • Heal from the root, so you are free to live your full impact

    Resulting in a life and business with ease, joy and impact

    Two Options

    Group or Personalized

    The guidance for 'Find & Speak Your Truth by Writing Your Story', has 2 options:

    1. Personalized individual support

    2. Group program with 1-1 support

    Personalized guidance

    For Personalized support you can read this page to get a feeling of what you want to focus on + contact me for options and availability. We will meet through Zoom (this session will be free of charge) and come up with a plan that's tailor made for you, so you can decide if this is what you need and desire right now.

    Group coaching program

    For the Group program, read on to see all details.

    Note: at this moment the application for the group program is closed.

    When you still have the desire to write and publish your story in the next coming months, please book your call here asap so you can still have your story published in the July version of the book 'Women Like Me'. 

  • What You Receive

    What you receive inside the group program (for personalized version book your call to find out your details) is:

    #1 - Transformational Coaching 1-on-1 

    This is a process where all kinds of emotions come up. First of that can be scary at times, second of all, this is the chance to heal and unlock them. Thus you are using the process of getting your story out of your inner world, to encounter the triggers that lead you to the frozen blocks in an undercurrent that wants to see the light. They can be seen, felt and healed - so you will be free and won’t feel held back anymore.l

    #2 - Group coaching and Q&A sessions in a small group of 4-10 people

    The place where we meet weekly to follow the progress, get questions answered and blocks unblocked. Also the place to connect to the others in the here and now.

    #3 - The opportunity to be published in international bestseller ‘Women Like Me’ part 3, compiled by Julie Fairhurst

  • Your story is being edited by a professional book editor, so you ‘only’ have to come up with your story and don’t mind spelling mistakes, grammer, style etc.

  • Your story will be published for you on Amazon (without you doing a thing about it). Meaning you’ll get an Amazon contributed author page and have a bestseller on your name.

  • Be part of Julie’s group of (former) writers, good for even more accountability and widening your international network.

  • #4 - Personal guidance from Leontine during the whole process in all areas, emotional, energetic, strategic, pragmatic, e.g. in writing skills

  • Emotional and energetic guidance, with deeply transformative results

  • Strategical, practical and mental coaching during the writing process

  • Guidance on writing (story, title, message, vision)

  • Toolkit to use in the different areas and phases of this process (from emotional support to practical tools and sheets)

  • Get tools and strategy to promote the book launch


  • #5 - Guidance on how to integrate the book launch into the bigger context of your (desired) business

    … so you can help your readers even further after being captivated by your story. And yes, having clients saying yes to working with you.

    How does the story you decide to write have place in your broader mission, work and services?

    What message do you spread with your story & how to build up your story - so that it is aligned to you, your truth and your offerings, so that is a natural addition to what you already do and create?

    What to write on your author page in the back of the book so people feel a natural call to see more of you and join you on your platforms and find you as the person to work with.

    What spin offs can be created as opportunities out of the process where you already write your story and get ready for getting it out there. Many possibilities here! (podcasts, freebie on site, mediakit, training based on your message leading to your the offers that you have in place to be of more service).

    #6 - Access to the ‘Know & Speak Your Truth’ online library

    Online library with videos, teachings and templates in all areas: emotional, energetic, strategic, pragmatic, e.g. in writing skills.

    #7 - Access to the ‘Free & Unstoppable Speak Your Truth’ group

    Deep support and inspiration in an intimate and private guided group of like-minded change makers moving through this process of getting your story out there in the best way possible. With least amount of energy and highest outcome and impact.

    #8 - Opportunity to be featured on the ‘Free & Unstoppable Podcast’

    Online library with videos, teachings and templates in all areas: emotional, energetic, strategic, pragmatic, e.g. in writing skills.

    #9 - Access to the ‘Women Like Me’ writers group

     Be part of the writers group of current and former writers from Julie Fairhurst, to connect to current and former writers and feel part of a larger whole where others have your back.

    #10 - Opportunity to access a wide network

    Have the opportunity to access the bandwidth of the combined networks of Leontine and Julie, and aligned podcast platforms, facebook groups, media, etc. Plus to promote yourself and your business (including links) on your author page in the book.

    About Your Guide

    Leontine Boxem

    Transformational Coach, BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychologist, Author and Speaker.

  • 20 years of transformational personal, entrepreneurial and leadership development 

  • 5 years of battling and surviving severest cancer conditions… and frequently proofing outspoken life limits to be wrong

  • Inspired thousands of participants, readers and clients, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom. 

  • Since I survived severe cancer and all that came from it, I divorced, I moved myself and kids to another country... and I’ve written 17 concepts of ’my book’. All those years I just knew I had an amazing story and important message and mission to share. All those years those concepts of my new book didn’t come to life for different reasons.

    The crucial momentum came when I was asked to write my story as a chapter in the bestseller book ‘Women Like Me - stories of courage and hope’, compiled by Julie Fairhurst. The fact that this offered me a container to actually create it NOW, within a greater context, with a deadline and access to her amazing team to support me emotionally and professionally.

    Since the moment I said yes to that promise to come up with it with the intention to get it actually out there, many many things shifted in my life and my business. In ways you cannot even imagine...

    I’ve contributed before to other books. It took me quite some time and never led to anything else. Just a book on my shelf where my name is on the cover. This time it was much different. Of course I’ve grown myself, but I was also coached and guided in the inner work needed to be done to come up with a story from the heart, that’s at the same time connected to my actual business and soul clients. And part of my purpose is, to help them to be free and unstoppable – and to have full impact in their life and business.

  • "When you need a top coach to guide you in breaking through existing barriers, so you can allow massive growth, look no further, work with Leontine. "

    M. Halmans - CEO Happy at Work Agency & Business Mentor

    "You see the essence, the Soul. Because you see what is not yet aware, it also becomes visible to me. And I loved your live presence."

    Eline Ferwerda - Intuition Coach

    "Leontine helps you see the bigger picture of who you are. She makes you realize the true extend of your greatness, and shows you where you're stopping yourself from manifesting it right now."

    F.Verdysseldonk - Impact Videographer

    Sessions and Material provided 

  • First initiation call, free of charge (apply here)

  • In depth assignment which will prepare you for your first deep dive 1-on-1 coaching session.

  • Kickoff and group meeting on Tuesday May 4th 2021 to connect, to set powerful intentions, and to settle into the greater context of this 3-months journey. 

  • 4 In depth 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Leontine, by Zoom (interchangeable by in person sessions here on Ibiza). Topics: 1. Focus and intention, 2. Internal deep dive, 3. Message & integration in business, 4. Visibility & Impact (*)

  • Weekly Q&A calls with the group. Guidance on both emotional processes as the writing process, to get direction, get unstuck, be inspired and feel connected with other courageous women.  

  • 6-months access to the ‘Know and Speak Your Truth’ online library with videos and templates in all areas: emotional, energetic, strategic, pragmatic, e.g. in writing skills 

  • 3-months of participation in the ‘Free & Unstoppable Speak Your Truth’ group intimate setting, for frequent support and connection 

  • Group session around the great momentum of book the book launch and pre-promotion

  • Group session, powerful closing meeting and celebration

  • Duration program is 3 months, May 3rth until July 25th 2021.

  • (*)We don’t know what will come up during the 3-months process. We contain this total project into a 3-months process. Of course we don’t know what your exact process will look like once we start. Depending on where you are in your own journey of inner growth, how conscious you already are of the read thread of your life’s story, degree of (unconscious) resistance, and any other that comes up or you additionally want to address during the program - you might want to go deeper on inner work or wider on business integration. So it’s optional to book additional sessions when you feel it would help enrich your process.

  • There's no reason you should (silently) suffer from the story of your life. This is your goldmine!! Let me help you pull out the (undiscovered) gold inside your story, so you are free, and can authentically live, lead and serve.

    Ben jij Nederlands?

    [A little note for my Dutch audience]

    Hoewel de hoofdtaal van het programma Engels is, en het uiteindelijke verhaal in het Engels geschreven wordt, ben ik (als jij dat wilt) je Nederlandse coach. We kunnen Nederlands spreken voor overleg en tijdens de individuele coaching.

    Het kan lastig zijn jezelf goed uit te drukken wanneer je emotioneel betrokken bent. Je groeit er langzaam in, maar het is fijn om twee talen tot onze beschikking te hebben. Daarnaast zal ik je helpen om de nuance van jouw gevoel en verhaallijn over te brengen in je engelstalige publicatie. Ook zal ik de brug zijn tussen jou en onze Canadese publisher Julie. Tenslotte is het goed te weten dat er een professionele editor is die je helpt. Ze gaat goed naar je verhaal kijken (ze geeft alleen suggesties, de keuze blijft aan jou), en ze haalt alle spel en grammaticafouten eruit. Dus je mag schrijven met fouten. Als ik dit kan kan jij dit ook. 

    Wanneer je een extra hulp en begeleiding wilt bij de vertaling van je boodschap en je werk van Nederlands naar Engels, dan zal ik je koppelen aan Lynn Coleman. Zij heeft mij geholpen met de transitie van mijn bedrijf van nederlands naar internationaal en Engelstalig. Ze heeft plek om een aantal van jullie te begeleiden met het verdiepen van je Engels, als het gaat om het vinden van je verhaal en woorden, metaforen en beeldspraak die representeren wie jij bent en waar je voor staat.

  • When you’ve scrolled until here, let me be clear...

    The actual book is super nice, and becoming an international bestseller is incredible. But the most incredible reward you will get out of this, is the main ‘price’: going through this process in a really conscious way - where you create inner space for all that comes up for you during the different phases of this process. Space that can be filled with clarity, joy and purpose.

    Once you’ve encountered invisible blocks (that can only come up through this process) and you’ve healed and transformed them - you will feel incredibly free, confident and centred. It is literally changing you. In the best way possible.

    The life changing transformation is that it is ‘changing’ you into the one you truly are - more authentic, more real, more aligned and therefore free and powerful. This in itself is a RICH experience, that of course translates into both your life as your business.

    When you already have been thinking of or trying to get your story out there on your own but not yet succeeded to finalize that, then this is an amazing opportunity for you. An opportunity to pull you through all these phases, and where you might have been stuck in one of these phases on your own, and because of you stepping into this process of a larger whole and context where the book is becoming with or without you, preferably with you, other people around you who help you pull through in difficult moments,Also, this book is only one platform. There are also so many opportunities once you’ve found your story, for the next few years to speak on podcasts, online summits, be visible in the media, both printed and social media.

    Do you feel ready?

    Give me the sign and I'll set up our call to talk details.

  • This is not about fixing what's wrong.

    It's about reconnecting to your true nature, so you are free to live your full impact!

    Bring me to the next step >

    Common Questions Answered

    I'm not sure if my story is interesting enough

    This partly is about your confidence and self image. 'Who am I?' 'Who wants to read about my story?' Partly it's about the expectations you have for a 'good' story to be. My feeling: the fact that you've read until here tells me it's there. Let's find out together.

    I'm not sure if my story is finished yet

    First of all your story IS not finished yet. We hope for a long happy life to follow. But you might feel that you are still waiting for the final piece so you can wrap this part up. Let's speak together. You might be surprised how often there are already stories with a full circle in your life. Let's find out together.

    I'm not sure if I am ready for publishing

    That is totally fine. YOU have the choice. Nothing gets published without your consent. Part of the process in this program is to set the idea of publishing aside in the beginning, so you can fully tap into your inner authentic flow, without overthinking it. So best way is to start writing and be open to what comes out, and than decide.

    I don't have a business

    That is no problem at all. We will focus our 1-on-1 time together on your personal process, in a way that writing your story and publishing it will be rewarded enough for you. We might find a simple way to give your readers a little next step after reading.

    Do you have any guarantees?

    I can not 100% guarantee the bestseller, but we have great ways to get it on #1 in one or more categories. Let's say 90%. AND THE STORY? For sure you will have many insights, transformation and growth. How much, how fast, how deep - is a dance between you and me. I will hold space for your growth, both internally as in terms of story and book. Also, know that I can give my all to you in our sessions, but without you being committed, open, coachable and resourceful - that doesn't lead to success. At all times this is YOUR responsibility.

    What is the language?

    The main language of the program will be in English. When you're Dutch, we can speak Dutch during our 1-on-1 sessions, and Q&A. Also I will help you to find the nuances. The book itself will be published in English, so your story needs to be written in English. No stress, you can deliver it with mistakes in spelling, grammar and figure of speech - we have an amazing editor.

    I already have written my story, I just want to get help with publishing & integrating it inside my business,

    Amazing! Congratulations with your story. We will focus our time together on the parts you have not yet in place, or are unsure about. Just see it as we will have more time to deep dive into that part of the poces. And, who knows you might even refine your story and message a bit along the way so it is fully authentic and embodied.

    What if I need more time?

    Your time is yours. It's your life. Your journey. If you won't be ready for this book opportunity their will come a next one. Believe me, the process is more than worth it to just start. Let yourself be surprised! If you need additional support form me, that is possible.

    Is there a payment plan?

    Yes! See the details above under 'Application & Investment'. When more information needed, or you have a special request due to personal circumstances, fill in the application form and make a note of it in the form.

    Imagine how rich you will feel once it's done!

    Once you’ve cleared all obstacles inside yourself, you’re free to be intentional about HOW you leave your footprint in this world - may it be from raising consciousness, to creating opportunities for your children's children, to leaving your legacy with purpose filled work.

    It’s my joy and purpose to help you find your way to inner freedom, so you can have impact with your life, in the way you desire.

    YES I feel ready for the next step >

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